Irish Astronomy Websites in alphabetical order

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  • Magazines' websites

  • International Astronomy clubs Websites
    • Night Sky Info Monthly information about the night sky, astronomy articles and observations. (slow on updates recently)

  • Links to the web sites of our guest speakers
    • Dr. Denies C. Gabuzda, from UCC Dept. of Physics is the Coordinator of the project to build a radio telescope in Birr. This will be used on its own, to extend the MERILN array and the European VLBI radio telescope networks. A Radio Telescope for Ireland, ARTI, will have its website ready soon.

  • Links to Space exploration missions.
    • The NASA rovers continue to send back amazing pictures from the surface of Mars.
    • The ESA satellite Mars Express is imaging the planet from Mars' orbit.
    • The Cassini Mission probe is now in orbit around Saturn with attached. On Christmas day 2004 it released the ESA Huygens lander for its historic landing on Titan on January 14th 2005. The speed and location of the spacecraft along its flight path can be viewed on the "Where is Cassini Now?" webpage
    • The Japanese HAYABUSA mission to bring back samples from an asteroid and investigate the mysteries of the birth of the solar system.
    • For the first mission to Pluto, the New Horizons mission, see its homepage
    • Past, Present, Future and Proposed JPL Missions see
    • Mars Global Surveyor has just completed its eighth year orbiting the red planet.
    • Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter has just begun its main mission observing Mars

  • Links to some free software


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